(WARNING: Sexually explicit material below and not for children under 18 years of age)

“Do it to me,” Alice asks, interrupting my thoughts. She knows that I can’t say no to her, although I’d never really want to, because saying no to her would be worse than saying no to myself. She knows this well and uses it to her advantage. There was a time when all Alice had to do was smile, and I would be on my knees kissing the ground she walked on, waiting to do her bidding.

It’s definitely the hair, I think, looking at the soft waves of her dark red hair fall across her back. Not that her perfect ass is lacking, but it’s that dark red hair paired with her almond shaped eyes that have me hypnotized.

Now, as she lies on my bed after a shower, completely naked, clean and sweet with her ass in the air, I realize that nothing has really changed. She is still my Alice, and her body is the wonderland I worship, even after all these years.

I still get hard at the sight of her.

I kneel on the foot of the bed and look into her eyes. She has a mischievous glint there,and I run my hands up her legs, feeling her soft skin, kissing my way up her thigh.

Her legs open involuntarily, giving me a full view of her hidden sex. I cup both her butt cheeks and spread them apart so that I can make circles around the small opening of her anus with my tongue.

She flinches reflexively, and as her punishment I dip my tongue deeper in her hole, making her groan.

She’s getting wet, and I can imagine her swollen clit calling out to me, begging for me to suck it. But this is what she wants, so while I continue to dip my tongue into her asshole, I wrap two fingers around her clit, tugging at it, teasing it softly. She comes within seconds, bucking and twitching, trying to escape my touch because the sensation is too much for her.

But I’m not done yet. When I’m sure her orgasms have subsided I work my way up her back. I’m still completely dressed, but I still manage to pull my stiff cock out and start fucking her from behind, loving the way her ass feels like a cushion. I wrap myself around her, placing one hand on her clit again, and another around her stiff nipples.

This is where I belong, I think as I ride her slowly, grinding slow circles into her opening when I’m completely inside her.

“Come inside me,” She demands, and I do barely needing her permission, but grateful for it regardless, knowing I will always do what she says.