(WARNING: Sexually explicit material below and not for children under 18 years of age)

I’ve never seen Hector without a hard on.

In the few months we’ve dated, his dick is always standing in full attention even before his pants come off.

I asked him why once. He simply smiled and replied, “Oh, baby, it’s you. I always get hard thinking of you.”

I think of this as he sits next to me, wondering if it’s really true.

“Something on your mind?” He asks with a playful smile on his lips.

Hot sex, I think, but just shake my head taking another drink of water, cursing my dirty luck that I have to study for me Senior Thesis sitting next to a guy who should never be fully clothed.

“Liar,” he says, calling my bluff as he sneaks a hand up my thigh.

I can’t stop him. I don’t even want to. I just sit there as I feel him nudge my underwear aside. The feeling makes me gasp and I’m glad the library is nearly empty; otherwise I couldn’t never live down the embarrassment.

I give in, opening my legs to him and running my hand up his crotch to find his bulging erection waiting for me there.

“See, it’s always you.”

He nudges me onto his lap. I can’t resist. We’re all alone, after all, hidden in the research section, and as I feel his throbbing erection slide smoothly inside me, I couldn’t have cared less.

I just want to fuck him.

I ride him that way, fully clothed with his hands on my clit, facing away from him so that our only connection is perfectly fitted between my legs. The fact that we can get caught any minute gets me so hot that I come within seconds.

When he’s done, I tell him, “Let’s hope no one caught that on tape.”