(Published in The Recorder on Valentine’s Day of 2008)

Maybe I’m a single girl reformed.

Or maybe I’m a hypocrite.

Last year, Valentine was a soulless holiday meant to make ‘us’ single people feel left out, this year I spent the day making my friends nauseous.

See, here’s what I think happened: somewhere along the lines someone began praying for snow during the holidays. Problem is, this person didn’t specify that the holiday they were referring to was Christmas, hence our snow storm on Valentine’s Day.

Not that I’m complaining.

While I still maintained that Valentine’s Day is just another day, I must admit I enjoyed spending the day with The Boyfriend lying in bed enjoying my presents (Underworld One and Two on DVD, thank you) and eating chocolate for breakfast.

No class, no work, nada.

Then I realized I couldn’t hide it anymore: I was in a couple. I couldn’t hide from it and thanks to the snow I couldn’t run. Instead I spent the day with the guy who took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

I know, I know, not too shabby. But here’s the thing about snow on Valentine’s Day. Out go the slinky outfits and tight pants and in come the snow boots, thermals, and jeans. It’s very hard to go out to dinner feeling sexy when you’re wearing half your wardrobe and you’ve got snow in your eyes. And, of course, there’s the day after, when you have to go to school/work in that snow. Ever fallen in a snow bank? Slipped on black ice? Not romantic.

However, I remembered what I had forgotten:

That a day is just as special as you want to make it.

That company during dinner, whether it’s a parent, a boyfriend, or a friend is so much better than a magazine.

And that your favorite Valentine should always be you.