Hello Ma’am, how are you today?
Oh, you had trouble finding a parking spot?
I’m so sorry to hear that.
No, I take the bus, and I’ve been here since 6 AM, so I wouldn’t know.
Yes, you can make a return.
Do you have your receipt?
Oh, lost it?
Well, let me see what we can do…

Actually, you can’t return this item, it’s a final sale.
Oh, didn’t know? Well, it says so right here on the tag, see?
FINAL SALE, and there’s a big sign right above the sale items that says, “Final Sale!”
Yes, I guess it’s easy to miss.
Would you like me to ring you up?
Did anyone help you today?
No, we don’t make commission, it’s just nice to keep track.
Well, your total comes to $98.74.
Well, you got everything on sale.
The most expensive item was the brown sweater. It was $34.99.
Actually, the sign says Up To 60% off.
Yes, I know it can be misleading, but it’s there.
Well, your total comes to $63.75 without the sweater.
No, I’m sorry, you can’t combine coupons.
Do you have an account with us?
Well, you know if you open an account you’ll save-
Yes, I know it’s annoying, but I’m required to ask.
Ok, I’ll ring you up.
Yes, you can keep the hangers.
Sign right here please.
Yes, I know it’s a little hard to sign, but if you press firmly it should be fine.
Ok, here’s your receipt.
Thank you, you have a nice day.